Changelog for symon:

21/07/2016 - 2.88

   - platform/Linux/sm_if.c more robust interface finding (Niels Koster)

24/10/2014 - 2.87

   - platform/FreeBSD/sm_cpu.c updated to support smp

   - platform/Linux/sm_io.c read all disk info, not just first block

   - client/SymuxClient.pm removed documentation errors (Jeroen Roovers)

   - symon.8, mention that a windows symon client by Valeriy Leshchinskiy is
     available on https://github.com/ValHazelwood/SymonClient

   - symux/symux.8 counter name fixes (Dennis Lindahl)

   - symon/c_config.sh updated. # cpus are now detected + more Linux mount
     types supported.

05/02/2013 - 2.86

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_proc.c updated to new kinfo_proc interface

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_io.c hw.disknames was parsed wrong for devices with
     no uuid (Rapha�l Berbain)

   - platform/FreeBSD/sm_smart.c updated to also support atacam (Alexander

18/02/2012 - 2.85

   - lib/diskname rewrite -- return possible disknames for Linux and FreeBSD
     based on a number of predefined path patterns

   - platform/Linux allow /dev/mapper disknames (Edho Arief)

14/01/2012 - 2.84

   - platform/Linux/disk probes now handles '/' in arguments (Bostjan Skufca)

   - platform/FreeBSD/disk probes now allow args not in '/dev' (Edho Arief),
     and support diskname by ufs name, ufs id, gpt id.

   - platform/FreeBSD/sm_mem.c: sysctl call could overwrite swap count (Edho

   - platform/NetBSD/Makefile.inc: update linker flags for finding librrd in

01/05/2011 - 2.83

   - Added flukso probe

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_io.c updated to support uids (Stuart Henderson)

   - platform/Linux/sm_df.c checks if /etc/mtab could be openend (Lars Kotthoff)

   - platform/Linux: Support diskname by id, label, path or uuid for smart, io
     and df probes.

15/06/2010 - 2.82

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_sensor.c define MAXSENSORSDEVICES (Stuart Henderson)

31/05/2010 - 2.81

   - symon: Allow multiple monitor statements with different intervals to the
     same mux. Retrieving smart info every 5 secs confuses some disks.

   - platform/Linux/sm_df.c now uses statvfs (Harm Schotanus)

   - Added load average probe (Lars Kotthoff)

   - Smart probe assumed that its ioctl cmd structure was not overwritten and
     did not check the return code correctly on NetBSD. (Tito Dal Canton)

   - platform/Linux/sm_smart.c: support for kernels 2.6.9 and friends that miss
     the required hdio structure.

   - c_smrrds.sh: Allow more than 10 cpus.

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_proc.c now uses PROC2 sysctl (Stuart Henderson /
     Tasmanian Devil)

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_sensor.c now uses the updated sensors api (Stuart
     Henderson / Tasmanian Devil).

23/11/2009 - 2.80

   - Removed all cvs ids, moved src control to git

   - Added initial sensor probe for Linux which reads directly from hwmon. Note
     that there is no conversion of the raw data to real voltage, temperature
     or rotations.

   - Added smart probe for NetBSD (Tito Dal Canton), Linux / FreeBSD / OpenBSD
     (me). Note that smart values sometimes need per drive/per model
     interpretation. Not all these probes have been tested thoroughly as they
     require physical boxes to be tested on.

   - Added libprobe; a library for code that is shared between probes,
     e.g. smart decoding and cpu percentages calculation.

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_mem.c: more than 2^31 bytes of swap would overflow
     calculation (Marco Pfatschbacher)

   - client/SymuxClient.pm: typo fixed that clobbered total read/write
     (Masahiro Yamagishi)

   - client port now really optional in symon.conf

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_mbuf.c: patch from openbsd ports following h2k8 mcpl
     changes (Stuart Henderson)

07/04/2008 - 2.79

   - Top makefile will not compile symux - and not need librrd - if SYMON_ONLY
     is set.

   - platform/*BSD/sm_mem: pages are now shifted up on int64 instead of
     int. (Volodymyr Kostyrko)

   - platform/FreeBSD/sm_mem: hw.physmem - free is now used as the real memory
     used value. This unbreaks the graphs for FreeBSD 6.3+. Note that real
     memory used in this way means all wired, active, inactive and cached
     memory, as well as gaps in the memory stats that are used by the kernel

   - platform/Linux/Makefile.inc: removed easy override to TSORT/LORDER on
     Linux. (Volodymyr Kostyrko)

   - platform/Linux/Makefile.inc: more sensible defaults for owner, group and
     install directories.

   - platform/Linux/sm_io.c: count only read/write operations in io, not merged
     reads and writes. This way io/s show actuator movements, instead of
     movements + cache hits. (Yeb Havinga)

   - Updated INSTALL about chrooted timezone gotchas. (Cory Waddingham)

   - Added a cpuiow probe that counts iowait ticks on Linux. (Yeb Havinga)

   - platform/Linux/sm_cpu now also parses /proc/stat without steal entry.

06/01/2008 - 2.78

   - lib/sylimits.h: DFNAMESIZE bumped from 16 to 64 chars
     (Mahlon E. Smith)

   - if and mem probes upgraded to report in u_int64_t values. symux will
     accept reports from older symons that use the old u_int32_t
     format. The old if and mem rrd files need no adjustments to accept
     the new data.

   - c_smrrds.sh now specifies the start time at graph creation in such a
     way that it can be used by both rrdtool 1.0.x and rrdtool 1.2.x.

29/11/2007 - 2.77

   - symon/symux -t can now be used to check configuration files before
     running in anger.

   - symon now also calculates maximum message size; with symux using
     twice the calculated value to ensure that configuration errors
     between sy[mon|mux].conf are detected in the logs. Both enforce
     maximum message = sizeof(udp payload).

   - Martin van der Werff donated the Linux/sm_df probe.

   - symux/c_smrrds.sh/syweb now all think sensor probes are called
     sensor_*. (Daniel Spizak, Evgeniy Sudyr)

   - pfq probes must be specified as pfq(interface/queue) in symon and are
     treated as pfq_interface_queue.rrd by symux.

   - platform/Linux/sm_mem modified to better reflect OpenBSD's idea of
     the vm_meter stats.

05/07/2007 - 2.76

   - symux/readconf.c resolve from host, but discard result. (Henning

   - symux/symux.c -f used strncpy wrong and broke when using gcc4
     (Mechiel Lukkien)

   - platform/Linux/sm_cpu now uses iowait + hardirq + softirq + steal as
     its cpu "interrupt". My feeling is that this is the most accurate
     representation of what the values mean for the *BSDs.

   - platform/NetBSD/sm_io uses new iostat_sysctl of NetBSD4

   - platform/NetBSD/sm_pfq uses NetBSD3/4 altq stat names.

   - symux/c_smrrds.sh now searches for rrdtool and symux in {$RRDTOOL,
     $SYMUX}, $PATH and in the installation dirs. (Benoit Garcia)

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_if removed obselete netipx includes
     (Christian Weisgerber)

   - Daemon needs to be able to bind /dev/null - drop privileges after
     daemon call (Markus Friedl).

   - data.c/free_muxlist closed fd 0 at HUP. This makes symux unresponsive
     on OpenBSD and makes it stop on FreeBSD. (Marco Pfatschbacher).

   - platform/OpenBSD/sm_cpu fixed to call CPTIME2 only for machines with
     more than one cpu. (Henning Brauer)

13/02/2007 - 2.75

   - OpenBSD sensors missed includes (Constantine A. Murenin)

   - NetBSD now checks if pf is installed (Jean-Yves Moulin)

11/02/2007 - 2.74

   - symon can be told what local interface to send data from (Henning

   - removed typos in client/SymuxClient.pm (Sandeep Kr Sangwan)

   - OpenBSD sm_sensor upgrade to sensor_dev (Constantine A. Murenin)

   - NetBSD can use OpenBSD sm_pf, sm_mem and sm_pfq with little
     modifications (Jean-Yves Moulin)

   - symon network protocol version bumped to allow stream arguments upto
     63 characters.

19/12/2006 - 2.73

   - symux stops reporting rrd errors after 5 messages to counter logspam
     (Henning Brauer)

   - NetBSD compiles on 2.1 after addition of rrd.h location in

   - FreeBSD/platform.h now also includes sys/socket.h and sys/dkstat.h,
     which makes the FreeBSD probes compile on 4/5/6.

   - FreeBSD/sm_pf and OpenBSD/sm_pf were broken when pf was not available
     (Ulrich Sp�rlein)

   - c_smrrds.sh now accepts filenames, not descriptions. Intended use is
     now c_smrrds.sh symux -l`.

   - symux -l lists rrd files in active configuration.

   - symon/symon.c now deals correctly with ntp drift and sleeps
     longer. The previous version did not sleep long enough, which could
     result in both the alarm and end of sleep issueing a measurement
     where only one was due.

   - Library deps now split between symon and symux. Not all libraries are
     needed on a host if only symon/symux is compiled.

   - OpenBSD/Makefile.inc now includes fontconfig library needed for gd >
     2.0.33. This breaks symux compilation for OpenBSD < 3.9.

   - OpenBSD/sm_cpu is smp aware

   - OpenBSD/sm_mbuf needs errno

   - symuxnet.c now allows clients to connect in Linux

   - Linux/sm_io added

   - FreeBSD/sm_mem fix for swap in 6/5/4 (Clive Lin)

   - FreeBSD/sm_io updated to reflect devstats api change

23/10/2005 - 2.72

   - probes use a new "api" that allows per probe storage of
     precomputed data

   - Marc Balmer donated the df probe

   - Harm Schotanus donated mem probe for linux that works on 2.4/2.6

   - OpenBSD/sm_if.c no longer uses netns (Mitja Muzenic)

   - symux/share.c now uses a ringbuffer to distribute symon packets to
     connected tcp clients. Clients that can not keep up with the datarate
     are still killed, but have a bit more time to catch up.

   - Ulrich Sp�rlein updated proc probe for FreeBSD-current.

   - sm_mem for FreeBSD did not clear swap stats between calls (J. Martin

   - sm_sensor: sensor support was detected on OpenBSD, but did not get
     configured (Eric Dillenseger)

19/03/2005 - 2.71

   - Ulrich Sp�rlein updated mem probe for FreeBSD-current and removed
     some bugs from FreeBSD/conf.sh.

   - J. Martin Petersen contributed the FreeBSD io probe and a new probe
     called pfq that can monitor pf altq queues on Free and OpenBSD.

22/02/2005 - 2.70

   - Ulrich Sp�rlein updated the FreeBSD proc and mem probes, found a bug
     in the mem probe for OpenBSD and helped extend the shell config files
     for FreeBSD.

   - Linux/Makefile.inc TSORT should be cat not echo

16/02/2005 - 2.69

   - inet6 support works again (Eric from Catastrophe.net)

14/01/2005 - 2.68

   - NetBSD/sm_debug.c now has proper sysctl mib values

   - if and pf probes for FreeBSD 5.3 (Fredrik S�derblom)

   - mbuf interface change for FreeBSD 5.3 (Stefan T. Peters)

   - Spelling errors in INSTALL/symon.8/symux.8 (Jan Sepp)

   - platform/*BSD/sm_proc transferred cpucpt as uint16 instead of double
     (Jamie Herre)

   - states_entries is a GAUGE, not a ABSOLUTE (Lars Hansson, Marco

   - NetBSD/plaform.h -> platform.h (Joel Andersson)

   - tsort and lorder are not needed on Linux. (Mark Enzinas)

09/08/2004 - 2.67

   - Matthew Gream contributed the port and probes to NetBSD and FreeBSD.
     Probes for FreeBSD: cpu, debug, mbuf, mem and proc.  Probes for
     NetBSD: cpu, debug, if, io, mbuf, proc and sensor.

   - Added initial support for Linux: cpu and if.

   - Removed net_iso from symon.c (Hans Kremers)

   - Time since last update gets checked in symon.c to ensure correct
     operation with ntp

05/06/2004 - 2.66

   - arguments in network streams are now bound to 15 characters. symon
     will use more characters if specified in monitoring, but will only
     send the first 15 over the network. (Michael)

   - Textual: symux.8 and c_smrrds.sh agree on stream names.  (Okan

29/02/2004 - 2.65

   - removed erroneous strlen in lex.c (Daniel Hartmeier)

   - added better socket error reporting (Daniel Polak)

27/02/2004 - 2.64

   - Added new disk structure. symon has a single notion of "io" - the new
     or the old depending on the machine it was built on. symux deals with
     legacy streams and knows about "io1" (upto 3.4) and "io"
     (3.5+). symux will accept legacy symons.

   - c_smrrds.sh complains if files cannot be built. (Daniel Polak)

   - symon no longer attempts reloading the configuration file when

   - Textual: INSTALL (Jan Sipke van der Veen), error texts in code
     (Stephen Tesch)

20/12/2003 - 2.63

   - removed large char arrays on the stack that broke name resolution

   - symon(8) now chroots and drop priviledges to user "_symon" (Henning

   - added support for adjusting symon(8) monitoring interval (Henning

   - removed typos and better starter configuration (Franciszek Holop)

   - port: MESSAGEs were incorrect (Soeren Thing Andersen), PLIST
     incomplete (Henning Brauer), HOMEPAGE in Makefile was off (Robert

12/10/2003 - 2.62

   - removed errors in c_smrrds.sh (Henning Brauer)

   - detecting sensor support was broken (Nick Forbes)

03/10/2003 - 2.61

   - added sensor probe

   - removed symon2web from base source package. symon2web (or the new
     syweb package) can be downloaded from the main website.

   - symux churnbuffer calculation now deals with ipv6 hostnames too

   - symux now allows file-less streams to be accepted

   - removed bug in display of incoming client connections on symux

   - symon uses group probes only for configured streams

   - c_config.sh was not included in the PLIST for the symon package
     (Andrew Dalgleish)

23/03/2003 - 2.60

   - sm_io was broken on sparc64
   - ntohq functions were not detected for big endian machines
   - c_config.sh broke on nfs mounts and pfsync

   All: thanks to Henning Brauer

26/02/2003 - 2.59

   - mbuf probe (Daniel Hartmeier; depends on 3.2)
   - example configuration is now installed in to symon/examples +
     better conflicts in port's PLIST (Christian Weisgerber)

24/01/2003 - 2.58

   Gustavo Chamone helped find a rare bug in symon/sm_io.c. strsep()
   would clobber stream information and make the first stream in the
   configuration file disappear.

   Daniel Hartmeier patched symon/sm_pf.c to deal with changes pf. His
   patch should also work for previous versions of pf.

10/01/2003 - 2.57

   Christian Weisgerber reported that netinet/ip_ipsp.h already defines
   htonq - fixed. Will Wainwright reported 1) a small bug in
   test_config.php - fixed, 2) that I left out some files
   (class_proc.inc and class_debug.inc) from the PLIST files.

29/12/2002 - 2.56

   Added proc and debug symon2web frontends. Debug has limited
   useability, you are better off defining one for yourself.

14/12/2002 -

   Added the proc module. This can be used to retrieve accumulated
   information about processes with the same name. A proc(httpd)
   statement in symon.conf, for instance, will result in the reporting
   of the number of processes called "httpd" and the amounts of cpu and
   memory that they take.

   Added em device to c_smrrds.sh - thanks to Jung.  Fixed typo in
   SymuxClient.pm - thanks Tobias Gresch.  c_config.sh did not deal with
   type mfs devices - thanks Dom De Vitto.

29/11/2002 - 2.55

   Markus Friedl reported that unresolvable ip addresses cannot be used
   in the configuration file - fixed.

   Overhauled the networking code. Everything is now ip6 aware. This
   does mean that the :' is no longer a keyword in the lexer;
   i.e. 'host:port' statements should now be written as 'host
   port' or 'host "port" port'.

   Added the debug module. This can be used to retrieve debug0
   ... debug19 variables from the kernel.

08/11/2002 - 2.54

   Added a perl module that allows ppl to connect to symux and do
   something with the measurements as they come in. (I plan to drive an
   LCD using this, but it could also be used to get, say, daily
   bandwidth usage)

   Clients of symux would not sleep after they had read and relayed data
   symux gave to them. This could lead to one child eating up multiple
   'semaphore slots' and starvation in other clients - fixed.

25/10/2002 - 2.53

   Henning Brauer suggested a datadir statement for symux configuration
   - added.

   Henning also reported that c_smrrds.sh cannot create vlan10 and
   up. c_smrrds.sh now has a special case for pseudo-interfaces (bridge,
   enc, faith, gif, ppp, sppp, strip, tun, vlan)

   Nick Nauwelaerts helped improve dependency definitions in the port

18/10/2002 - 2.52

   Julien Touche reported that symon/symux do not report initial cfg
   errors on the commandline - fixed.

   Reinhard Sammer, Julien and Henning Brauer all noticed that the php
   code needed globals - fixed. Passing by reference at call time
   resulted in php warnings - fixed.

   Henning thought it was nice to see a single machine at a time. Julien
   wanted clickable magnification for individual graphs. Both options
   can now be configured in datasources.inc.

   Resolved a bug reported by Vincent Kessler (who also provided the fix
   - cheers mate) in the rrdupdate call in symux - optind needs to be
   cleared ahead of the getopt call in rrdupdate.

   The Makefile.inc no longer overwrites CFLAGS. Configuration
   directories are now taken from the environment as expected by the
   openbsd ports system. (Thanks to Nick Nauwelaerts for pointing this

   Installation of symon now also generates a default symon.conf file if
   the system does not already have one.

   Someone at www.deadly.org pointed out that symon is no longer
   compatible with OpenBSD 3.0 - removed claim from the website.

   Added -f file switch to symon.

   The lexer started parsing from character position 1 instead of 0.

   symux would bomb out after a hup - fixed.

14/09/2002 - 2.51

   Steve Shockley reported that the port Makefile did not install rrd
   tool. (Which is required for compilation of symux)

13/09/2002 - 2.5 - kvm gone, renamed mon to symon

   Rewrote io.c to obtain information via sysctl only. All kvm code is
   now gone.

   Renamed mon to symon, monmux to symux and mon2web to symon2web. I
   liked mon better, but that name is already taken.

   Cleaned up webpages to be XHTML 1.0.

10/09/2002 - 2.4

   Added some example pf graphs. This data is hard to plot, ideas are
   welcome. Added better port support.

09/09/2002 - Towards a better port makefile

   Reworked port Makefile. It now generates a number of packages that
   can be used to just install mon, monmux or mon2web. The KVM stuff has
   become a special flavor of the monitor package.

06/09/2002 - Cosmetics again

     - Added RRD_ARGS support. All created rrds have
       start=epoch. Incoming data from hosts may be from an earlier time
       than rrd creation now.

   mon2web/class_[io|if|mem|cpu].inc, index.php:
     - Rewrote argument representation of the graphs to be the same as
       how it is configured in the configuration files.

   mon2web/class_pf.inc, graph_pf.php:
     - Initial pf support.

01/09/2002 - Internal cosmetics - not released

     - mon packetsize is still limited by size of struct monpacket in
       data.h:79. All other limits have been removed.

   lib/data.c mon/monnet.c monmux/muxnet.c:
     - header structure is now safely transported across the network.

     - added streamtypes b(yte) and s(hort) in preparation for new

31/08/2002 - 2.3

    Makefiles, mon/mon.c:
     - Environment variable KVM will enable the building of a setgid
       kmem version of the monitor. If this environment variable is not
       present, a non priviledged monitor will be built. (Note that all
       kvm dependant modules will fail during operation)

       After today's changes, only the io probe needs kvm.

     - obtain ifdata as per h1kari's suggestion.

     - global naming in sync with other probes
     - repeated initialisation would eat up fds

    Jan Sipke van der Veen
     - version number inconcistencies (main pkg/syslog)

    Daniel Hartmeier
     - shmat usage in monmux/share.c != 64 bit safe
     - some cpp macros missed precendence parenthesis

29/08/2002 - 2.2

    Merged contributions by Daniel Hartmeier:
     - cpu probe had a nasty va_arg bug that only showed up on
       big-endian machines.

29/08/2002 - 2.1

    Merged contributions by Daniel Hartmeier:
     - pf probe
     - changes to make mon compile on macppc and sparc64

28/08/2002 - released 2.0

    monitoring behaviour (mon) separated from storage/forwarding
    (monmux) and picture display (mon2web). Only mon has to run with
    kmem priviledges because of the if and io probes. Although the
    entire package was built with portability to other OpenBSD
    architectures in mind, it was never tested.

==== unreleased ====

25/07/2002 - rewrite stringptr functions in monmux to snprintf ones
           - package it for openbsd
           - added a crc32 algorithm in netmon and netmux
           - added DEBUG handling in Makefiles
           - removed a bug in monmux that made it reprocess already processed data.

22/06/2002 - added shared code, upgraded networking code

04/04/2002 - changed mon/monmux.conf format
             written manual pages
             look at mon/cpu.c/percentages, give appropriate people credits.

01/04/2002 - changed all memsets into bzero
             all output messages have the same format now
             write pids in /var/run
             SIGHUP = reload configuration

31/03/2002 - cleaned up source

             added error reporting routines.

29/03/2002 - mon and monmux no use monpacket to communicate with each
             other. This format defines: version, lenght and crc of the traffic

             mon no longer connects. monmux and mon can be started and stopped

             monmux now checks if incoming traffic is allowed from a certain host.

             added rrd write support to monmux

             made c_monrrds.sh determine what files to build from environment

             got mon2web up to date with mon1. changed interface layout to
             have output as a negative area - i'm not finished with this.

22/03/2002 - Added get/set preamble, still tinkering with those s(u)(n)pack
             functions. Added one that translates it into text.

06/01/2002 - Removed init and get functions from the monlib. (init functions
             were also required in non-mon applications, not like it is
             supposed to be :)

             Next step is to rewrite the get functions into using the pack

05/01/2002 - Wrote spack and sunpack; endianess agnostic values to bytestream
             (and back) functions. The packet format has almost been defined

24/11/2001 - Rewrote lib to KNF, OpCodes removed
03/11/2001 - Added datatypes and rewrote readconf to use SLISTs.
01/10/2001 - Mon configuration is read from a mon.conf.
29/09/2001 - Lexer had trouble dealing with ip-addresses. Cleaned up the number
             parsing code and removed a second comment reader.

Changelog for syweb:

06/11/2022 - 0.67

   - Update php to 8.0. We include a polyfill for one function if
     running under 7.4.

   - Allow . in interface names for vlans (Damien Degois)

   - Update README and install_rrdtool.sh.

16/04/2014 - 0.66

   - Add rrdtool required fonts to install_rrdtool.sh (Jyry Suuntala)

   - Sort host list in index.php (Fabio Pardi)

   - Allow capitals in process names. (Stuart Henderson)

   - Only list .layout files if we have read permissions. (Stuart Henderson)

   - Add config variable layout_first: makes showing layout files first instead
     of hosts selectable. (Stuart Henderson)

   - Added metric class; export rrdtool data as json metrics.

05/09/2012 - 0.65

   - Allow '-' in rrd filenames.

16/02/2012 - 0.64

   - Added graph pfs for pf states; ln -s pf.rrd pfs.rrd for them to show up in
     your graphs.

   - mem reported 'b' for bit instead of 'B' for byte

23/03/2011 - 0.63

   - Removed complicated io/iops/df/smart id parsing to allow linux style
     /dev/disk/by-*/* labels

   - Added a config option that translates "ata-manufacturer_model_serial" into

05/03/2011 - 0.62

   - Alpha calculation for single cpus in cpu(iow) graphs was off by one
     (Stuart Henderson)

04/03/2011 - 0.61

   - Added graph load (Tim Kuijsten)

   - Added graph for flukso probe

14/06/2010 - 0.60

   - Insert abs() around % usage; php % operator uses sign of the
     divident (Yeb Havinga)

   - class_cache.inc tried to be smart by double checking cached files
     found. This made it fail when many requests are served concurrently
     and some files had disappeared the second time it looked.

   - Cpu/cpuiow graphs can now also autocombine many cpus into one graph.

   - All combined graphs will now show their constituents when clicked.

23/11/2009 - 0.59

   - Added more cpus to graph_defaults.ini for hosts with more than 4
     cpus (Walter Russo)

   - Added smart graphs

06/04/2008 - 0.58

   - Added noui index.php for ppl that want to display graphs or their
     particular layout without logos and copyright fuzz. (Yeb Havinga)

   - Added combined graph for df which shows free blocks/bytes for all drives

   - Added graph iops; ln -s io_x.rrd iops_x.rrd for them to show up in your
     graphs. There is also a combined variant.

   - Added cpuiow (Yeb Havinga)

   - Graph labels and comments are auto justified

   - Added more color swatches for combined graphs

06/01/2008 - 0.57

   - Extended regexp in class_graph to allow multiple _ in df names

09/09/2007 - 0.56

   - Extended regexp in class_graph to match proc names with '-' (Ulrich

   - Rewrote regexps into several statements to ease maintainability

20/12/2006 - 0.55

   - $symon['isolate_hosts'] in setup.inc generates default host layouts for
     all hosts

   - Holop Ferenc's alternate index.php is now the default one

   - Sensor template regexp in class_graph now matches correctly

25/06/2006 - 0.54

   - install_rrdtool.sh deals with new ldd layout in OpenBSD 3.9

21/09/2005 - 0.53

   - Df layout contributed by Marc Winiger. setup.inc has a new configuration
     option to select whether the df graphs should show bytes or 512 byte

07/07/2005 - 0.52

   - Pfq and io files can now be combined into single graphs

   - Class names are no longer lowercase in php5 (first reported by Steven

   - Allow if_vlan999.rrd (Stuart Henderson)

   - Gaby Vanhegan contributed even more layouts

16/02/2005 - 0.51

   - configtest.php can accept other layouts using ?layout=

   - Cpu[123].rrd is now recognised (Tiago Andre Cunha)

04/02/2005 - 0.5

   - Pf.layout now also shows daily averages (Gaby Vanhegan)

   - Unrecognised rrdfiles are not graphed (use configtest.php for debugging)

   - Php open tags (Holop Ferenc)

   - Alternate index1.php (Holop Ferenc)

   - Default layout is now sorted alphabetically (Jan Sipke
     van der Veen)

   - Port changes (Nikolay Sturm)

   - Proc rrd files may now contain dots

26/02/2004 - 0.4

   - Added graph for new io and tidied the layouts

   - Added syweb port

   - Graph and layout do not work for graphs with numeric ids above 9
     (Stephan Tesch)

   - Removed typos (Franciszek Holop)

23/11/2003 - 0.3

   - Added mbuf and sensor graphs

   - Proc graph has a better display

   - Layout now complains about rrds in host_tree root